A Peek Inside a Disaster

Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies

I had to finish this one quick.  Isabel Gillies’ candid memoir on divorce was tough for me to get through for multiple reasons.  First and foremost, the writing style.  I nearly gave up on the book a few times because of the cutesy chit-chat-like tone the book exudes.  I knew, however, that once I was sucked into the drama of this dissolving marriage there was no way I would stop before I finished.  Second, while commiting 100% to the events as they actually happened can be seen as a virtue, the author comes allows herself to come off as not only spoiled and materialistc, but rather pathetic as the relationship deteriorates.

But if I’m being honest, it’s almost as if these are the two reasons that I continued reading.  I don’t normally read chick lit books like this and I’ll admit it was fun to pick this book up and know I would churn through 100 pages in about an hour.  Also, anyone who likes this book (and after researching other reviews I see that there are many that do) will surely agree that it is the author’s candor that appeals you to her.  In the end, she comes off as a horribly mistreated person, but one was brave for all the right reasons.  I am not of the opinion that she has done any injustice to the other major parties involved.  She treats them with respect throughout her book, though I’m not sure they quite deserve it.

My final opinion on this is that Gillies seems like a good person who made it through a tough situation, but not one whose book I would likely read again.


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