Grief And Survival

Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt

Stories of grief are as different from each other as the people who endure the experience.  Making Toast is the process of Roger Rosenblatt’s grief after the death of his daughter, Amy Solomon.  One of the most refreshing aspects of the memoir is the author’s ability to paint his daughter as one might assume she really was.  He emphasizes both her flaws and her virtues, and lets the reader know that those who loved her understood all sides of her.

The overarching theme of the book, however, is not grief, but rather, survival.  Rosenblatt, his wife Ginny, son-in-law Harris and three grandchildren are each tasked with the assignment to learn to live under the new circumstances of their lives.  The titular process of morning toast-making is a recurrent theme througout the book and symbolizes the author’s ability to survive.  Via this simple task of living, the family appears to begin to understand and enjoy life again.


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