I Love To Read About Lucy

Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball’s television persona, which is all I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing until now, is both lovable and dynamic, a difficult feat for a mid-century comedienne.  But after reading Ms. Ball’s memoir, I can attest that the icon herself is all that and more.

Lucille details her rough beginnings in rural New York and her series of early failures in show business not to garner pity from her fans, but to demonstrate her innate resilience and admirable ability to learn from failure.  Her experiences appear to have done nothing but shape her into a thoughtful, humble and genuine person, both on screen and off.

The most pleasuable section of the book, for me, is her detail of her I Love Lucy success and her iconic marriage to Desi Arnaz.  Lucille explains with more insight than any marriage counselor the reasons for her marriage’s demise.  Her account of the highs and lows is both elating and heartbreaking.  Lucille cherished her time with her television family and satisfies her fans with the knowledge that much of her on screen emotion was genuine.

Love, Lucy was great bedtime reading for me and is a book that all Lucille Ball fans will cherish.


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